From our Family to Yours


From our Family to Yours

15 / Nov

Slamannan Village Pharmacy was bought by our Pharmacist Ray Mackie in 1993. Many of our patients know him as the passionate healthcare expert who takes time to explain conditions and often provides home visits to those who are elderly and housebound. They also know they might not get a word in edgeways but do appreciate his dedication to their health all the same!

Ray graduated from Sunderland School of Pharmacy in 1981. He moved to Scotland to study a Masters in Clinical Pharmacy with his wife Gael, a midwife, in 1983. With 3 young children and while building a house in Falkirk, Ray came across Tom Menzies at Slamannan Village Pharmacy who was retiring. The pharmacy had an old coal fire where unused medication was burned and where Tom sat to consult at the age of 80. Ray quickly modernised the pharmacy and opened up on Saturday’s to make sure those who worked in the village could have access to healthcare on weekends.

In the past thirty years, he has worked hard to improve Slamannan Village Pharmacy and also community pharmacy in general. Aside from serving on many committees in Forth Valley, he was also an elected member on the National Pharmacy Association board representing Scottish pharmacy. He is passionate about Palliative Care and helped establish the Forth Valley Community Pharmacy Network to enable Pharmacists across Forth Valley to provide 24hour advice and access to Palliative Care drugs.

In the sun, rain or snow (as is often the case in Slamannan) Ray and his team have always been dedicated to the patients in Slamannan and surrounding areas. They work closely with GP surgeries to provide top class healthcare to the area.

We are lucky to have a team who is like family with many years of service, some having worked with Ray since he first took over the pharmacy all those years ago. Our Pharmacist Manager Gillian celebrated 25 years of service recently. Ray had a few health scares himself and his daughter Eilidh – who used to price the lollipops in the pharmacy on Saturday mornings- joined the management team. We truly are a family business and are passionate about our staff and community.


From our Family to Yours