Ask Your Pharmacist


Ask Your Pharmacist

As experts in medicines, pharmacists have the ability to help you when it comes to minor health issues. They are qualified healthcare professionals who can provide over-the-counter medicine and clinical advice for various minor ailments like colds, tummy pain, sore throat, and coughs. There are many things you can ask your pharmacist in Falkirk.

Pharmacists will ensure you get help if symptoms persist or show something of concern with their proper training. They can refer you to any other healthcare professional like a nurse or GP.

A good number of pharmacies operate until late at night and even on weekends; hence you usually don’t need to book an appointment. Most pharmacies like Slamannan Village Pharmacy have private consultations where a pharmacist can discuss with a patient discretely.


Ask your pharmacist in Falkirk to help with your medications

Pharmacists have the ability to answer any questions on over-the-counter medications and prescriptions. All pharmacists in Scotland and across the UK offer the following services:

– NHS prescriptions dispensation
– Repeat prescriptions service
– Supply of medicines on emergencies
– Providing non-prescription drugs such as paracetamol
– Disposing out-of-date or unwanted medicines
– Advice on healthy living and minor health treatments


Ask your pharmacist Falkirk


Minor illnesses to ask your pharmacist in Falkirk

Pharmacies are trained to provide treatment advice regarding a number of minor injuries and common illnesses, such as:

– Red-eye
– Aches and pains
– Skin rashes
– Sore throat
– Colds
– Coughs
– Earache
– Flu
– Cystitis
– Teething

If you’d want to purchase an OTC medicine, ask your pharmacist in Slamannan to help you out in choosing the best. Antibiotics, however, cannot be bought over the counter for minor conditions treatment.


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Our Pharmacists can be your first port of call for confidential and free expert healthcare advice. As NHS healthcare professionals, they have a crucial role in providing quality healthcare and can refer you to the correct services if necessary.

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