Gluten-Free Service


Gluten-Free Service

At Slamannan Village Pharmacy, we have a passion for helping the community to live happily and healthy. You can now register with us if you’ve been diagnosed with Coeliac disease so that we can assist you in managing the condition by providing gluten-free service in Falkirk.

Our gluten-free service is voluntary for those who need only to eat gluten-free foods as part of their healing process. This service is accessible through a number of Scottish community pharmacies, including Slamannan Village Pharmacy.

As part of the prescription, we provide all gluten-free foods at no extra cost.


Who is eligible for this service?

You are eligible for this service if you:

– Have dermatitis herpetiformis or coeliac disease
– Reside in Scotland
– Are registered with a General Practitioner

It’s worth noting that you won’t be able to use the gluten-free service if you stay in a care home. However, you can still receive your prescription via a GP.


Gluten-free service Slamannan


Benefits of the gluten-free service in Falkirk

The benefits of using this service include:

– Having more variety and control in your diet
– Having the freedom to make changes to your order every month in order to try various food types
– Being sure of an entitled gluten-free food unit allocation
– Being provided with an annual health check

You won’t need to visit a GP whenever you want a food prescription because you will order via your pharmacy.

We also invite anyone with coeliac disease, registered with our gluten-free service, and over the age of 16 to have an annual health check annually. We can then connect you with the relevant healthcare officer if the need arises for further assessment.


Our Gluten-free service in Falkirk

An easier way of ordering your gluten-free items! We have a huge “prescribable product list” with lots of GF goodies and essentials! All you do is hand in your order form every month to us, and we do the rest for you! The best thing is you can chop and change your order every month to whatever you fancy!

Contact Slamannan Village Pharmacy to learn more about the Gluten-Free Service in Falkirk or to book your appointment!


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